The goal of first rate manhood health is to ensure the manhood is kept in prime condition Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Oilers Jersey , not just for sensual function but to avoid mundane day-to-day problems. Since sometimes a “minor” problem – like an itchy male organ – can be caused by something of more concern, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to things like a sore or itchy member to see what may be causing the issue. In the case of itchiness, one cause to be considered is scabies.

A familiar name

Scabies is one of those terms that many men know, but they have only some vague knowledge of what it is. So just what are scabies?

Sarcoptes scabiei is the medical name for scabies, and it refers to little bitty parasites. Scabies generally travel in groups, and when a troupe of them gets on a person’s skin – say, on or near the member - they often mate. The male then conveniently dies and isn’t a problem anymore. The female Paul Coffey Oilers Jersey , on the other hand, decides that this member would be a grand spot to raise her children. She digs down underneath the skin and deposits her eggs there. And we’re talking a lot of eggs – as many as three a day for up to two months, after which she dies.

But before she dies, those eggs are hatching. Scabies go from egg to adult in less than two weeks, so while that first female is laying eggs, her progeny are also getting busy and laying eggs. It’s easy to see that this can lead to a condition where a guy ends up with a ton of scabies on his manhood – and elsewhere on his body, as they can spread quite easily.

Itchy male organ

Scabies create a rash that can really Patrick Maroon Oilers Jersey , really itch. In some ways this is a good thing, as it alerts a man to the presence of these tiny mites. The problem is it may take a month or more for the itchy male organ rash to develop, by which time dozens of mites may be all over the body.

Scabies can be caught by contact with an infected object (such as a towel or bedclothes), but most often they are spread via skin-to-skin contact. That means they can quite easily be spread during sensual activity, so a man who has scabies should refrain from partner-based sensual activity until he is sure that he has been cleansed of all signs of scabies.


So how does a guy get rid of scabies? First he needs to visit a doctor to confirm his problem is indeed due to scabies. Once diagnosed, the doctor will likely prescribe a treatment using a pesticide called a scabicide, which is formulated to attack and kill scabies. It is a cream applied to the entire body; in some cases Nail Yakupov Oilers Jersey , it needs to stay on for up to 10 hours on the first day of application. Some other varieties of treatment have different time intervals.

In addition, the home will need to be cleaned as thoroughly as possible, both in terms of laundry and household items and objects, including carpeting.

Scabies is a nasty beast when it comes to a persistently itchy male organ and the rash that develops. Regular use of a first rate manhood health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help to soothe the itchiness by keeping the skin properly moisturized. Use a crème with Shea butter, which heals and rejuvenates damaged skin, and with vitamins D and E. Vitamin D is called the miracle vitamin for its ability to battle disease and support healthy cellular function. Vitamin E helps to lock in moisture Milan Lucic Oilers Jersey , soothing rashy, scarred male organ skin. Sperm motility means the capability of sperms to move toward the egg for purpose of fertilization. You can analysis that whether the sperms are healthy or not, on the basis of whether sperms move either in a straight line or in a curved line or do not move at all.

The sperms motility of sperm is required to be high to swim fast enough to fertilize the egg. But in some cases this may be very low when they remain inactive. There may be various causes of low sperm motility. These causes may include stress, cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking, poor nutrition due to unhealthy diet, some enthusiastic exercises Mark Messier Oilers Jersey , some genetic causes, exposure to some pollutants and chemicals, side effects of some medication, etc.

As low sperm motility is one of the main causes of male infertility and can negatively affect the overall health of a man. Low motility also shows that the produced sperms are not healthy and efficient and so they cannot fertilize the egg. Since the fertilization of egg with the help of healthy sperm motility is necessary to have a kid, you should use natural and herbal treatments for low sperm motility.

There are many natural and herbal treatments for low sperm motility such as Spermac Capsules and Musli Kaunch Capsules that are very helpful to improve sperm motility. Spermac Capsules and Musli Kaunch Capsules are made of purely natural herbs that have very effective properties to improve the sperm motility.

There are many other natural and herbal treatments for low sperm motility, which are as follows:

1. Zinc: Zinc is considered as one of the most effective minerals to for healthy sperm motility and male fertility. The best sources of zinc are sesame seeds, calf liver Mark Letestu Oilers Jersey , beef, oysters, lamb, venison, pumpkin seeds, turkey, yogurt Mark Fayne Oilers Jersey , green peas, and shrimp.

2. Selenium: Selenium also a natural and herbal treatment for low sperm motility and increasing the production of sperm. You can get selenium from snapper, liver, cod, tuna, halibut, salmon Leon Draisaitl Oilers Jersey , shrimp, sardines, mushrooms, etc.

3. CoQ10: CoQ10 is another treatment for low sperm motility in semen. It also helps to defend cells from free radical injure and may protect the health of egg as well. The best food sources of CoQ10 are seafood and org. Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping   Cheap Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Cheap Custom NFL Jerseys   Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys China   Cheap Jerseys Wholesale  

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